15 Foods to Eat if You Want Your Hair to Grow Faster


If you have stunted hair development or hair loss (and who doesn’t? ), say yes and continue on. Preservatives, MSGs, steroid-injected meat, pollution, and ozone layer depletion all contribute to premature aging. The hair growth speed is also determined by other factors such as age, genetics, and food. Hair loss is also common as people become older because hair growth slows. Hair follicles eventually stop producing hair, causing the hair on our scalp to diminish. Hair begins to lose its color as well. The hairline of a woman begins to recede with time. However, the only element you have control over is what you eat, therefore we’ve compiled a list of fifteen superfoods that can not only help your hair grow faster but also prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth.


Keratin is a protein found in hair follicles, and eggs are high in protein, biotin, and other minerals like zinc and selenium. Hair growth requires a sufficient amount of protein, and biotin facilitates the conversion of other types of protein to Keratin. A couple of eggs should be part of your daily diet if you want to have good hair.

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